Fix for Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Missing Post Settings

The Yoast SEO Plugin improves the search engine ranking of your posts by allowing you to optimise:  post titles, page content, meta descriptions, keywords and more. Unfortunately, there seems to be bug when the plugin is installed in a site based on WordPress 3.5+; alongside some popular plugins. The SEO plugin loads after everything else but if there is JavaScript error in any of preceding plugins , the code makes that SEO tab display does not run. Consequently the settings under the tab,  for entering your SEO values are hidden!

WordPress Post Missing SEO Tab Settings

Until the erroneous plugin or theme is determined and the JavaScript bug fixed in its code base, you are left with a couple of options:

  1. Temporarily  locate and amend CSS that hides the SEO  tab display
  2. Make permanent changes in your theme or child theme styles

In this post, I will cover option1. , since in reality you are only likely configure your SEO settings once before publishing the final draft of your post.

Assuming, you have downloaded the latest version of FireFox

  1. Download Firebug add-on and enable
  2. In the WordPress dashboard navigate to the post you want to SEO optimise and click Edit
  3. In the Firebug menu bar locate the  search box in the Firebug panel
  4. Search for  both .wpseotab and .wpseo-metabox-tabs
  5. Remove the display property value
/* remove line below using FireBug */ 
display: none; 


Yoast CSS edit

/* remove display property with FireBug  */
  display: none; 


Yoast CSS edit part 2

When you refresh the page the above changes are lost and will need to search and reapply. For a more permanent fix you have the option to edit the styles.css of your theme or child theme.  Hopefully, there will soon  be a fix to the plugin in question and you can avoid the workaround described in this post. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on what option works best for you.


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